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Tutorial: Running Apple Hardware Test (AHT) without DVD


At the beginning when I'm bough my macbook pro (late 2008) on boot I can just press the D (without DVD) to enter Apple Hardware Test.

After a replacement of my harddisk, the function is gone.

Why is AHT Gone?

Because apple has put some files into your harddisk that can directly enter into AHT


Yes, it possible it works on my Macbook pro late 2008 with the following files (not sure if it works on other devices)


The files  you can get it from your original DVD (if got DVD's when you bought Leopard or Snow Leopard)

you can find them in

/Application Install DVD/System/Library/CoreService

with a Hidden folder ".diagnostic"

Howto use?

you need to use this command

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE ;killall Finder

To show hidden files/folder to find the files in the zip.

you place the ".diagnostic" folder into your Mac partition in


you run back the command to hide the file/folder

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles FALSE ;killall Finder

and reboot your device and hope it works.

How to test if it works?

Just boot your macbook and hold the D button until you see a diagnostic icon.

Let me know if it works on your device, If possible, you are always welcome to post your macbook files from the DVD


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