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Information: Macbook Pro Late 2008 With OCZ Vertex 2 Part 2


Some extra information about my previous post about SSD on Macbook Pro Late 2008:


Of course the result of a SSD vs a traditional HD, you can feel the performance that true, But I've got some problems after use them a few months.

When I'm using them intensive, I see on my activity (in disk activity) that there is some freeze time about 10 a 30 seconds (no data read/write).

First I though, it was time to reinstall the operating system, maybe I've too much garbage on my disk. But after reinstall the OS X. I've still got the problem.

After some research, I've see that the freeze time could be the Trim function on my SSD. I've disable them and until now I haven't got the problem of freeze. (hope it will be so...)

Then you should ask if the performance should be go down when I don't use Trim. I can tell you, If I run XBench, the speed is still acceptable.

The results are not always the same.


With trim: 

283 First time
253 second time
235 thirth time
247 fourth time

Without trim

248 First time
253 second time
235 thirth time
237 fourth time
Reboot + PRAM reset
244 First time
251 First time
257 second time
265 thirth time
278 fourth time
270 First time
250 First time
292 First time


Using Lion and OCZ SSD, you don't really need the trim function. To get a better result, I'll post few month later how the results and how the performance are.

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