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Tutorial: Readynas fix iTunes Streaming Server on iTunes 10.5+

If you have update your iTunes to 10.5+, You will see that your iTunes can play the playlist of your Readynas.

It happened if you are using a lower version of "iTunes Streaming Server v1.0.3"

If that so you can just upgrade your addons by download the new addon file:



quote of readynas forum:

We've released iTunes Server updates to address incompatibility with Apple iTunes 10.5+. To install, you'll need to download the add-on binary for your ReadyNAS platform and install it via the FrontView Add-ons/Add New page for x86 and FrontView System/Update/Local page for Sparc.

For Sparc (Duo/NV+): Download Here
For x86 (Ultra/Pro/NVX): Download Here

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