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Tutorial: Running Apple Hardware Test (AHT) without DVD


At the beginning when I'm bough my macbook pro (late 2008) on boot I can just press the D (without DVD) to enter Apple Hardware Test.

After a replacement of my harddisk, the function is gone.

Why is AHT Gone?

Because apple has put some files into your harddisk that can directly enter into AHT


Yes, it possible it works on my Macbook pro late 2008 with the following files (not sure if it works on other devices)


The files  you can get it from your original DVD (if got DVD's when you bought Leopard or Snow Leopard)

you can find them in

/Application Install DVD/System/Library/CoreService

with a Hidden folder ".diagnostic"

Howto use?

you need to use this command

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE ;killall Finder

To show hidden files/folder to find the files in the zip.

you place the ".diagnostic" folder into your Mac partition in


you run back the command to hide the file/folder

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles FALSE ;killall Finder

and reboot your device and hope it works.

How to test if it works?

Just boot your macbook and hold the D button until you see a diagnostic icon.

Let me know if it works on your device, If possible, you are always welcome to post your macbook files from the DVD


For comments you can go to my forum:




Information: Macbook Pro Late 2008 With OCZ Vertex 2 Part 2


Some extra information about my previous post about SSD on Macbook Pro Late 2008:


Of course the result of a SSD vs a traditional HD, you can feel the performance that true, But I've got some problems after use them a few months.

When I'm using them intensive, I see on my activity (in disk activity) that there is some freeze time about 10 a 30 seconds (no data read/write).

First I though, it was time to reinstall the operating system, maybe I've too much garbage on my disk. But after reinstall the OS X. I've still got the problem.

After some research, I've see that the freeze time could be the Trim function on my SSD. I've disable them and until now I haven't got the problem of freeze. (hope it will be so...)

Then you should ask if the performance should be go down when I don't use Trim. I can tell you, If I run XBench, the speed is still acceptable.

The results are not always the same.


With trim: 

283 First time
253 second time
235 thirth time
247 fourth time

Without trim

248 First time
253 second time
235 thirth time
237 fourth time
Reboot + PRAM reset
244 First time
251 First time
257 second time
265 thirth time
278 fourth time
270 First time
250 First time
292 First time


Using Lion and OCZ SSD, you don't really need the trim function. To get a better result, I'll post few month later how the results and how the performance are.


Information: Connect Apple Trackpad and Apple keyboard on Motorola Atrix


Below you see instruction to connect your bluetooth trackpad and keybord from apple.

I've test them on Motorola Atrix with Gingerbread firmware

To connect a Trackpad:

Just search with bluetooth for the device.
Pair the device.
If ask pin
enter 0000 into the Smartphone

To connect a Apple Bluetooth Keyboard:
Pair the device.
If ask pin
Enter 1234 into Smartphone.
Enter 1234 into keyboard and hit enter.



Information: Realtek Nics on VMware ESXI 5


Few days ago, I've updated my ESXI server from 4.1 to 5. After using them for few days I can tell you that there is no problem until now.

Advantage of this update:

On ESXI 4.1 I need to modify the OS to recognize my 2 Realtek Nics (8168, 8169). The 2 nics are Gigabit Ethernet. But after that modify, the onboard version (8168) still crash. So I need to add an extra NIC (8169) to have a stable network connection.

After the update to ESXI 5.0. The both NICS are recognizing without any modification of the OS.


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Information: Update ESXI 4.1 to ESXI 5

Today I've update my ESXI server from 4.1 to ESXI 5 with some problems xD

First at all after I've download the ISO of ESXI 5 and burn it into a DVD, put them into the server and got the following error:


No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found

This come a problem of the ISO but can be easily fixed by using the following command:

mboot.c32 -c boot.cfg

During the installation I've choose for a "Force Migration with preserving VMFS datastore"

After the installation everything (atm) works without problem (VM's)

Information: Handy Default Write commands

Debug mode is a hidden menu for people who need to modify extra informations or enable/disables some options. It not recommended for simple users. Only for advanced users!!

Debug mode


defaults write com.apple.Safari IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1

Disk Utitlity

defaults write com.apple.DiskUtility DUDebugMenuEnabled 1


defaults write com.apple.iCal IncludeDebugMenu 1

Time machine

Change the backup time for Time machine

sudo defaults write /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.backupd-auto StartInterval -int xxx

Replace xxx to how frequent you can to backup in seconds


sudo defaults write /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.backupd-auto StartInterval -int 14400

this mean 14400 seconds = 4 hours


Other handy tricks can be found here: http://osxdaily.com/tag/defaults-write/


[UPDATED: 12/02/2012] Problem + Solving: Hackintosh Graphic problem


After using Lion I've got the following problem in console:

NVDA: Unable to make all textures resident prior to start of command buffer processing!
NVDA: Calling glrKillClient for task 0xffffff8015461530
The graphics driver has detected a corruption in its command stream.

This problem I've got after just browsing on website using safari.

I'm using an Hackintosh with NVidia 8800 GTS 320MB Graphic card.


Problem was fix on my system by disabling "Canvas Accelerated Drawing"

you need to go to terminal and use the following command:

defaults write com.apple.Safari IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1

Go to Safari and you will see "Debug" in the menu bar.

And make that "Enable Canvas Accelerated Drawing" tick is off.

Restart Safari and the problem should be fixed.

After you have disable it you can also hide the debug menu on safari by using the following command:

defaults write com.apple.Safari IncludeInternalDebugMenu 0


update 12/02/2012

still got problem when you play youtube or embedded flash video.

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Tutorial: SSH add-on for Readynas

If you want to have a SSH access on your Readynas, you can install an addon to activate this function


after then you can just connect them using the following command on unix computer:

ssh root@<readynasIP>

and enter the password from your admin on readynas.


Tutorial: Readynas fix iTunes Streaming Server on iTunes 10.5+

If you have update your iTunes to 10.5+, You will see that your iTunes can play the playlist of your Readynas.

It happened if you are using a lower version of "iTunes Streaming Server v1.0.3"

If that so you can just upgrade your addons by download the new addon file:



quote of readynas forum:

We've released iTunes Server updates to address incompatibility with Apple iTunes 10.5+. To install, you'll need to download the add-on binary for your ReadyNAS platform and install it via the FrontView Add-ons/Add New page for x86 and FrontView System/Update/Local page for Sparc.

For Sparc (Duo/NV+): Download Here
For x86 (Ultra/Pro/NVX): Download Here